11 August 2017

The re-branding of lounge and sleepwear continues to beam with distinction and innovation. The following lines never fail to impress with their luxurious fabric fiber qualities, alluring patterns, and timeless designs. All eyes should be on these brands as they are the ones who have braved this movement towards the versatile, adapting industry lounge and sleepwear is today.

Bedhead Pajamas

The LA-based company is known for their vibrant colors and luxurious fabrics. With designs driven and inspired by vintage fashion and contemporary art, it is no wonder they are the go-to sleepwear source for stylists and seen constantly in the media.

Derek Rose

With their customer-centric philosophy, the Derek Rose lifestyle brand is a one-stop-shop for many. They are exemplary brand for when it comes to making comfortable, functional, and stylish fashion products for men and women alike. Elegant, simplistic, and unique, the London brand will have you hopelessly devoted to their line.


In search of their source for silk fabrics and luxury nightwear, customers look no further than GINIA. Delicate in their nature, the sultry intimates and sleepwear designs create timeless elegance for your wardrobe. GINIA is now available through leading specialty boutiques and department stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK and US.


Less truly is more with HANRO products. The luxury lounge and sleepwear brand experiments with interesting but universally adored cuts, incorporates exquisite finishing to designs, and consistently creates unique and contemporary products for their customers to enjoy. ‘Less, but only the best is what characterizes HANRO as a brand’.

Karen Mabon

This British-based designer never disappoints when delivering bold, recognizable, statement sleepwear pieces. With her artistic eye, Karen Mabon is breaking down walls very few designers ever break, and continues to captivate the attention of many notables in the industry; Vogue and Grazia have already taken notice, so should you.

The Cat’s Pajamas

From their humble beginnings in Berkeley, California in 1998 to their booming operations in Venice today, The Cat’s Pajamas has remained true to their mission while offering newer, bolder and fresher prints, cuts, and fabrics to their customers. With their enhance fabric technologies, they can produce light-weight comfort pieces that “lift you up—even if you’re just lying down”.


This fashion empire launched their first Loungewear collection in Fall 2013. Since then, they have been reliably producing cozy, universal, easy and flattering silhouettes for the public to enjoy. With unimaginably soft materials, you will not want to go without UGG loungewear this winter.


The Danish brand offers a variable range in their loungewear collection. From daring patterns, to simplistic, modern designs, these pieces are meant to be seen. With fabrics made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, soy, and organic cotton, you will want to wear these loungewear staples all week long!

Vanilla Night & Day

Made from the finest silks and embroidered with gorgeous lace detail, Vanilla Night & Day intends to make women’s nights magical and their mornings energetic. With hints of femininity and a modern twist, their loungewear collection is packed with stables to stock up on for the cooler months ahead.


With impeccable, experienced craftsmanship, Zimmerli has been producing some of the industry’s finest handmade loungewear since 1871. The Swiss brand takes pride in the fineness of their fabrics and materials, increasing the ease of tailoring each piece into the perfect fit for the Zimmerli customer.

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