28 April 2017

Interview with Embrasse-Moi, located in Pittsford, NY.

What is the “theme” of your store?  A luxurious lingerie lounge

How do you want your customer to view your store? We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional experience to everyone who walks in Embrasse-Moi! We aim to empower every woman, making them feel comfortable, sophisticated, sexy in their own skin. We want to spoil them with our luxurious products and service.

What do you think was the hottest trend in 2016?  The hottest trend that we saw was statement lingerie – straps, visible lace detail, etc; the hottest people owned their personal style, but made it a statement!

What do you love the most about working in the intimate apparel industry? Working in this industry is honestly the most rewarding job! Every day, we change the way women look and feel about themselves!

If you could pick any celebrity to appear in your store, who would it be? Scarlett Johansson

With intimate apparel becoming more and more of a street style today, how do you allow your store to adapt from the bedroom to the street? With this popularity, we have fine tuned our buys to offer not only the great basic bras for every size, but specialty pieces for everyone! Being able to show items with interesting strappy details, bodysuits, bralettes, has definitely impacted sales in a positive way, and with a wide variety of fashion in all sizes, the trend is more attainable than ever.

What defines your store’s shopping experience? From the moment someone walks through our door to the time they leave, they are completely catered to! We want every customer’s needs met and exceeded, as well as create a comfortable lounge atmosphere.

What are some of your personal favorite brands? Antinea, Simone Perele, Triumph, Cosabella, Anita, Eveden, Chantelle

With so many new brands out there and so much information sent to you through many different outlets, how does a new brand catch your eye? Creative advertising, strong visuals, as well as celebrity endorsement grabs our attention when it comes to new brands! It is very important for us to then see and feel things in person, so ensure the fit and the quality are there so we can stand behind every product in our boutique!

What do you look forward to the most at CURVE? CURVE is such a special time! The energy from everyone in the industry creates such generosity, kindness, and respect for those who are in it!


Check out Embrasse-Moi’s website here!

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