16 October 2017

With disruptive brands permeating the lingerie market and main trends experiencing an extreme overhaul, the industry currently gives the impression that if you turn your head for just one moment, you’ll miss the next big look or innovation.  A new type of sexy is emerging, one that is confident, unabashed, and irreverent.  Women are embracing their individuality and are unafraid to push boundaries, wearing lingerie for themselves and not being afraid to show it off.  These brands are ideal examples of forward thinkers in this evolution, producing new collections in style.

Adina Reay

Many women who fall in the plus size range are unable to wear many brands due to their size restrictions.  Adina Reay is their champion, providing gorgeous, innovative lingerie in only plus sizes.  With hidden support in all cups, women sizes 28DD to 36G looking for exciting design, luxury finishes and modern, sexier fit have found their answer.

Beija London

In response to the heavily molded, highly embellished designs of the past, customers are becoming increasingly interested in natural, organic shapes with a focus on fit and comfort.  Beija London, making their CURVENEWYORK debut, creates perfectly simple and exceptionable comfortable products in 3 unique sizing categories, X, Y & Z.


Bluebella is a British lingerie brand that seemingly effortlessly combines on-trend styles, quality, and an accessible price positioning.  With an incredibly strong, individualistic vision, the designs are one-of-a-kind, exciting, and alluring.  Bluebella is for the modern woman who dresses for herself in indulgent and luxurious styles that are meant to be seen.


Redefining and modernizing the traditional sense of femininity, Else lingerie offers gorgeous pieces in a range of various laces and fabrics.  Always on the cutting edge of style, Else flirts with different textures, cutouts, and shapes in a mixture of neutrals and alluring colors, maintaining relevancy season after season.  Each item is soft yet strong, aesthetic and comfortable.

Flora Nikrooz

Designed in New York City, Flora Nikrooz is a brand near and dear to our hearts.  Revolutionizing the idea of bridal lingerie with sophisticated yet romantic designs, the designs are timeless, luxurious, flattering.  Mixing fabrics with feminine silhouettes, meticulous draping, and quality craftmanship, Flora Nikrooz has upset the bridal luxury lingerie category.


Lise Charmel

Notorious lingerie and corset producer, Lise Charmel is well known for their lush designs and savoir-faire.  Combining refined and decadent French taste with unquestionable technical ability creates garments that are not only functional, but beautiful to look at.  Today, Lise Charmel is comprised of 5 brands: Lise Charmel, Eprise, Epure, Antinea and Antigel.

Maison Lejaby

Maison Lejaby adds new charm to traditional lingerie, and has a modern take on women and its era.  By continuously reinventing traditional lingerie, collections are regularly renewed and refreshed; the .  The products reveal the modern woman, inclined to a natural seduction and who is audacious and comfortable.


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